Monday, October 1, 2012


The adventure begins at the Missionary Training Center.
Over 2000 missionaries in Sunday night devotional - suit coats on.
All the missionaries accepted the invitation to remove their suit coats.  It was quite warm in this multi-purpose room
The Chile Concepcion Mission is light brown on this map
You need a globe to get the real perspective of the location of Talca, Chile.
Brother Carver (instructor), Howells (Hill Cumorah Visitor Center), Pulsiphers, Wells (Kirtland, Ohio Visitor Center - yes he needs a walking stick - their 3rd mission), Strouds (Hill Cumorah Visitor Center), Sister Thomas (instructor)
MTC training ended Friday at 3:15pm.  The Howell's nephew is a defensive coordinator for the BYU football team and got us tickets to the game.  BYU 47 Hawaii 0.  Larry and his date accompanied us.  Great game.
We flew to LA Saturday morning.  From LAX we went straight to Juniors Delicatessen (Jewish) in Westwood close to the Los Angeles Temple.  Best Reuben sandwich in LA plus Dr Brown's cream soda.
We wanted to do an endowment session in the Los Angeles Temple but they closed early for the General Relief Society Meeting.  We were able to track down DeLewis and Chris Porter who are full time temple ordinance workers.  Dee was just recently set apart as a sealer by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.  The Porters are great people.  He and I served together as counselors to President Ken Bird in the Lancaster Sake Presidency.  When President Bird was released I served as stake president for 9 1/2 years and when I was released DeLewis Porter served for 9 years as stake president.
Saturday evening I went to the Dodger game with Adam, Larry Hansen (Patty's dad) and Adams children.  We sat in the upper deck behind home plate.  The "Dodger Dog" was great and the Dodgers beat the Rockies 3 to 0.

Zoomed in on Tommy Lasorda eating at the game.
My grand kids favorite Dodgers, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.  Pretty good zoom for a little camera.
The real reason why we went to LA was to ordain Adam a high priest.  I've had the privilege of ordaining him a deacon (age 12), a teacher (14), a priest (16), an elder (18), set him apart as a missionary when he went to Louisiana (19), and now ordain him a high priest.  He's a faithful husband, father, and priesthood holder.  Adam's line of priesthood authority can be traced directly to Jesus Christ.

Adam D. Pulsipher was ordained a High Priest - September 30, 2012 by Douglas W. Pulsipher
Douglas W. Pulsipher was ordained a High Priest - May 15, 1977 by Charles C. Pulsipher
Charles C. Pulsipher was ordained a High Priest - November 24, 1946 by Joseph F. Merrill
Joseph F. Merrill was ordained an Apostle - October 8, 1931 by Heber J. Grant
Heber J. Grant was ordained an Apostle - October 16, 1882 by George Q. Cannon
George Q. Cannon was ordained an Apostle - August 26, 1860 by Brigham Young
Brigham Young was ordained an Apostle - February 14, 1835 under the hands of the three witnesses, Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris “who were blessed by the laying on of hands of the Presidency (Joseph smith, Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams) to choose the Twelve Apostles;” (D&C 18:37, History of the Church 2:187) after which the Presidency laid their hands upon them and confirmed their blessings and ordinations (JD p. 868).
Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery received the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1829 from Peter, James and John.
Peter, James and John were Apostles and angelic ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ chosen and ordained by Him (John 15:16)

Tomorrow (Monday October 1) we leave LAX 1:25 pm and arrive in Concepcion, Chile at 9:30 am (EDT) on Tuesday morning.  We'll drive to Talca Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.  We won't be posting again until we have Internet service in our apartment in Talca.  Ciao. 


  1. So nice to see your smiling faces! Looks like you're having too much fun. :) Hope your long trip today goes well. Maybe we can skype next week? Love you!

  2. Great pictures of your MTC week! Now that you're in the skies somewhere over central America, it's feeling real. So long Juniors and the Dodgers and hello public toilets, wonderful McDonalds (a cheeseburger never tasted so good!) and "Can you speak a little slower, PLEASE?" Enjoy every minute and we will love reading about your experiences through your blog. Hurrah for Israel!