Monday, February 3, 2014

Concepción Chile Temple

 Artist rendering of the Concepción Chile Temple

The temple site is located on the Biobio River. The Concepción and the Concepción South mission homes overlook and are located within a half  mile of the temple site.

The Church purchased several  properties including some homes to acquire the land they wanted for the temple. At the time they purchased the main parcel there was an apartment building under construction and they had completed the second floor. That was subsequently demolished and a large bare spot remains there.

 View of the temple site from a spot close to the Biobio River.

Street view of the temple site. All power lines will be underground and not detract from the beautiful view.

This picture was taken from the top floor of the apartment building that will remain adjacent to the temple site. The home at the bottom of the picture will be torn down. The temple will have a set back of about 15 meters from the street Pedro de Valdivia.

A service project was held for missionaries serving close to the temple. Elder Newby, Elder Jensen (line backer for BYU football), Elder Clawson, Hermana Oldroyd, and Hermana Pulsipher.

The palm trees and the Araucaria trees cannot be removed as they are native to the temple site.

President Arrington referred to this shady spot as the temple's "sacred grove" on the temple site. We had a short devotional there before our service project.

Looking toward the street Pedro de Valdivia

Some of the palm trees are estimated at over 100 years old.

The surrounding neighborhood is very nice and similar to what you would expect to find in the US.
Other roof top views of the temple site.

When Elder Holland came to Concepción in November of last year he said that ground breaking would occur during 2014. The last house on a parcel that makes up the temple site was purchased about 3 months ago. We are sure that the ground breaking will not occur before we are released at the end of March. This temple will be a tremendous blessing to the faithful saints who live in the southern portion of central Chile and in Southern Chile.