Friday, June 28, 2013

Keys of the Priesthood are Transfered

On June 28, 2013, from 2:05 pm until about 5 pm there were two presidents of the Chile Concepción Mission.

President Arrington on the left and President Humphrey on the right had both been set apart and given the keys of the priesthood that control the ordinances of baptism and confirmation of all converts within the boundaries of the Chile Concepción Mission.

The Humphreys and the Arringtons spent about 2 hours together.  That is not much time to transfer all the knowledge and information that President Humphrey has accumulated over the last 3 years to President Arrington.  In fact, that transfer of knowledge and information does not occur between an outgoing mission president and and incoming mission president.  President Arrington will get the knowledge and information he needs to preside over this mission the same way President Humphrey obtained it - through revelation from the Lord.

But how can 2 presidents hold the same keys at the same time?  Who really presides?  When does the transfer of priesthood keys happen?

Is it when President Humphrey gave President Humphrey the keys to the mission presidents car?

No, The real transfer occurs when President Arrington receives ....

The mission president's iPhone.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Tearful Farewell to President & Sister Humphrey

Today was the "good-bye" conference for the Humphreys.  All the missionaries were charter-bussed into Concepción, early this morning.  Some had to leave at 1:00 am and then sleep on the bus until 7:00 am.  We had 2 lucky hermanas spend the night with us and we didn't have to leave until 6:30 am.  At 8:00 am the assistants and office Elders carried in boxes and boxes of Dunkin Donuts and drink boxes.  All the missionaries lined up and got pictures taken with President and Sister Humphrey.  In one of the classrooms, we set up a flu shot clinic, and gave all the missionaries their flu shot.  We also received our first flu shot.  My job was to put the dot band-aid on every missionary after the needle came out.  It was fun to play nurses aid next to a real nurse who has just been in the mission for one month, (with her husband).
Elder Carter gets his flu shot.
The next part of the day was in the chapel, where we began by singing, "We'll Bring the World His Truth".  It sounded so beautiful with over 200 missionaries singing together.  Sister Humphrey spoke next and she was very emotional.  She said a few words in Spanish and then Elder Rees translated for her.  The Assistants presented a beautiful leather bound, engraved with pictures from the scriptures, scrapbook, with a page for each missionary with their picture and hand written note of appreciation and love for the Humphrey's.  They then showed a video with funny and spiritual skits and testimonials.  Two Elders and two Hermanas sang beautifully,  "A Child's Prayer," and then President Humphrey spoke, for a long time.  He was emotional at first, but quickly got a hold of himself and taught and inspired the missionaries, one last time.  The Humphrey's have truly been a wonderful example and a perfect Mission President & wife.  After Presidents talk, all the missionaries got to go up on the stand and get a huge hug from both of them and receive a journal as a gift (first time he has hugged the hermanas and the first time Sister Humphrey has hugged the elders).  We then sang, "God be With You" and everyone stood up, spontaneously, and stayed standing for the prayer.  It was quiet as a mouse after the, "Amen" and the Humphrey's walked out and were crying as they did.  It was like being alive at your funeral!   Many good-byes were said because we lose 60 missionaries to Rancagua, next week.  We are sad to see the Humphreys leave, but it was a wonderful experience to be a part of the farewell, and anticipate the arrival of the new president and his wife on Friday.  We will go to the airport to welcome them and hold the banner.

Events are continuing to fall into place to allow us to spread the good news of how to possibly find many less-actives in Chile. This Wednesday we meet with Brother Chavez and Elder Nuñez, in Santiago, and present our findings.  Hopefully, they will be as excited as we are about the possibilities.  My favorite missionary sent us a picture of a family where they had just baptized the husband.  Here is the email:

His name is Manuel. We found him and his less active wife, thanks to "The List".
He was baptized yesterday and the family is super happy to be in church.
The list works Elder Pulsipher....
Elder Carter
Elder Blomfield

We already have great joy and a huge reward for the small sacrifice we have made.

Every time we turn around we are receiving loaves of bread for the crumbs that we throw out.  Hermana Davis in Lontué came to me today and gave me a huge hug and told me how much she loved me and would miss us.  She is going to the other mission.  I told her they have 6 or 7 couples there, but she said no one could be as good as us!  I'm sure these mushy comments are sent from heaven, through the missionaries, so we love our mission.  It works for me!  My favorite comment, that almost brought a tear, was in an email we received today, from Elder Carter; "Thanks for all the behind-the-curtain work that you two do! I truly do love you both like my own parents!"  Wow, we are very happy, content, senior missionaries!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

All Dogs Go To Chile

 One of the most unusual sites seen in Chile is a dog awake during the day.  They seem to be nocturnal here.

Our theory is that these stray dogs feed at night and recover from the bad choices during the day only to repeat it all over again the next night.  Their source of food is the garbage and trash piled up for pick up.  Trash collection occurs every night.  Very few use trash containers and just put their trash out at night along the curb.  That means dinner time for the dogs.  Even the few dumpsters are like restaurants for them.

So the dogs have hangovers during the day.  They sleep anywhere and everywhere and don't seem to be bothered by cars or people.

The pictures tell the story

Some look relatively healthy

And others not so much

And yes, fleas are a problem here.  Some missionaries really suffer from flea bites.

Some are cute

Others are not so cute

But mostly they just lie down

Why are you looking at me?

They seem oblivious to anything and everything around them

They seem to like the grass as long as there is room for them

They will snuggle with a bench on the plaza

As long as it is not occupied

They like the sun most of the time

And avoid getting wet in the rain

They are not afraid of being in the middle of the street

Or getting caught in a fish net

And if they don't have a another dog to sleep by they seem to find something

Sometimes they have lots of dog friends

But most of the time they are alone




And everywhere

Hey, what's that cat doing in this dog show?
Sleeping by the shoes.