Friday, June 28, 2013

Keys of the Priesthood are Transfered

On June 28, 2013, from 2:05 pm until about 5 pm there were two presidents of the Chile Concepción Mission.

President Arrington on the left and President Humphrey on the right had both been set apart and given the keys of the priesthood that control the ordinances of baptism and confirmation of all converts within the boundaries of the Chile Concepción Mission.

The Humphreys and the Arringtons spent about 2 hours together.  That is not much time to transfer all the knowledge and information that President Humphrey has accumulated over the last 3 years to President Arrington.  In fact, that transfer of knowledge and information does not occur between an outgoing mission president and and incoming mission president.  President Arrington will get the knowledge and information he needs to preside over this mission the same way President Humphrey obtained it - through revelation from the Lord.

But how can 2 presidents hold the same keys at the same time?  Who really presides?  When does the transfer of priesthood keys happen?

Is it when President Humphrey gave President Humphrey the keys to the mission presidents car?

No, The real transfer occurs when President Arrington receives ....

The mission president's iPhone.


  1. Hello, My name is Kristi Collins. Our son, Nathan Collins is in your mission. I saw his picture in this blog entry and I copied a couple of your pictures and put it in his blog at for June 29, 2013. I hope you don't mind.