Saturday, June 15, 2013

All Dogs Go To Chile

 One of the most unusual sites seen in Chile is a dog awake during the day.  They seem to be nocturnal here.

Our theory is that these stray dogs feed at night and recover from the bad choices during the day only to repeat it all over again the next night.  Their source of food is the garbage and trash piled up for pick up.  Trash collection occurs every night.  Very few use trash containers and just put their trash out at night along the curb.  That means dinner time for the dogs.  Even the few dumpsters are like restaurants for them.

So the dogs have hangovers during the day.  They sleep anywhere and everywhere and don't seem to be bothered by cars or people.

The pictures tell the story

Some look relatively healthy

And others not so much

And yes, fleas are a problem here.  Some missionaries really suffer from flea bites.

Some are cute

Others are not so cute

But mostly they just lie down

Why are you looking at me?

They seem oblivious to anything and everything around them

They seem to like the grass as long as there is room for them

They will snuggle with a bench on the plaza

As long as it is not occupied

They like the sun most of the time

And avoid getting wet in the rain

They are not afraid of being in the middle of the street

Or getting caught in a fish net

And if they don't have a another dog to sleep by they seem to find something

Sometimes they have lots of dog friends

But most of the time they are alone




And everywhere

Hey, what's that cat doing in this dog show?
Sleeping by the shoes.


  1. Doug and Sally,

    I was searching to see if there were any updates to the progress of the Chile Concepcion temple and came across your blog. Thanks for all of the great pictures and stories you have posted from your mission. I served from 06-08 and miss the simplicity of that area of the country and all of its great little quirks (such as dogs lying everywhere in the streets). The farthest North I ever went went was in little Estacion, Cauquenes and Quillon near Chillan. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the great blog and the great memories it brought back. It does a great job capturing the essence of Chile! I live in Spokane right now and I saw you were both from CDA, so if you ever have the time in the future we'll have to meet up and talk Chile! Anyways, thanks for your testimonies and stories and enjoy the rest of your mission.

    Best wishes,

    Brian Jackson

  2. I liked your blog, but have different memories of the dogs in Chile when I was there... Most of the dogs I remember had a singular hatred of missionaries...