Saturday, March 29, 2014


The grandchildren swarmed Sally.

And almost tackled Doug

This is what happiness looks like

We were introduced to our 19th grandchild, Cohen (5 months)

Can't imagine heaven being any better than this.

Ayden (7) came up to me and said, "Grandpa, tell me about your mission."
In my emotionally choked voice I said, "Ayden, the very best part of our mission has been the missionaries. And Ayden, you are going to be a great missionary." He agreed.

Here are 5 of the 13 (soon to be 14) future great Elders. I am sure we will have some Hermanas (sister missionaries) as well.  Maybe some of them will get to go to Chile.

The missionaries are truly amazing. It is not an easy transition to go from X-Box to Preach My Gospel.  But they do it.  It is the miracle of a mission. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ in action. The missionaries are a testimony to the truthfulness of the restoration.

As a tribute to them and as another witness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we want to share some of these fantastic missionaries with you.

Hermanas Chavez & Woodbury lived with us for the last 2 weeks

 Hermana Almeida & Lovell

Elder Rees getting his shoes shined before going home

Elder Baucom, Rees, Hernandez and Carter - our first zone leaders in Talca

Hermanas Lovell, Ayuso, Snyder, and Romney enjoying Hermana Pulsipher's delicious Swedish Pancake breakfast.

Hermana Kimball, Elder Wade, and Elder Kimball

The Ten Hermana Sleepover. Hermana Barrios, Housley, Peterson Hannah (blonde), Marroquin, Peterson Hannah (brunette), Gutierrez, Miskin, Aguero, Mendoza, and Valdiviezo.

Elder Layseca (served as AP in Rancagua) & Neilson
Elder Arroyo spent more than half of his mission working in the office 

Elder Auelua & Grammer came with us to Chile. Both were cadets in the Naval Academy before their missions 

Elder Barney & Crotzer from the Osorno Mission. Elder Crotzer is in charge of El Rescate in that mission and we continue to work with him.

Hermana Baturité (Brazil and tri-lingual) and Hermana Call (raised in the colonies, bilingual)

Elder Blomfield is related to Ben Ingram and a great missionary

 Elder Brown came to Chile with us and has served as a Zone Leader for a long time.
 Elder Carvajal is from Antofagasta, Chile and served as an AP
Hermanas Chavez (bilingual from San Diego), Najera (Mexico), Lovell, and Gomez in Constitución.

 Hermana Corbett
 Hermana Davidson & Heslop celebrating Hermana Heslop's birthday at our bed and breakfast.
 Elder Egan & Reyes
 President & Sister MacArthur of the Rancagua Mission & Elder Adam Pulsipher (AP)

Elder Collins who came with us to Chile. He served in the office and now serves as a ZL 

Elder Mora is a senior missionary along with his wife. He is a retired carabinero (policeman) and a gifted musician. He served as branch president is Retiro for 15 months.  

 Elder Rebollo & Vilchez

Elder Robinette came back to visit us with his parents after his mission

Elder Silva had a mucocele that I drained several times. It finally went away.

 Elder Smith had the biggest smile the last day of his mission.
 Elder Vargas
Elder Webb was transferred to the Rancagua Mission when the boundaries were changed and he served with Elder Adam Pulsipher as a AP. 

Elder Cardenal & Nielson 

Hermana Fajardo & Burgess 

 Elder Favro worked with me as we began our project to find all of the members of the Church. We started in the Piduco Ward of the Talca Stake. His companion was Elder Llerena.
 Elder Greenwood and Elder Rees
 Elder Hampton and Elder Scott
 Hermana Hall & Blau
Hermana Davis & Joglar 

 Hermana Risco
 Elder Herrera & Dumm
 Hermana Rane
Hermana Taylor hugging her dishrag that Hermana Pulsipher made for many hermanas. 

 Hermana Almeida & Castillo

 Hermana Lyons
 Hermana Mendoza from Puerto Vallarta & Hermana Gonzalez
 Hermana Meyer & Quintana
 Hermana Mora & Elder Mora, fantastic senior missionaries.

Hermana Oldroyd

 Elder Lopez
 Elder & Sister Balden
 Hermanas Lyons, Johnston, Gonzalez, & Mijangos
 Hermana Romney, yes she played basketball for BYU
Hermana Skirvin 

 Hermana Ayuso
 Elder Aguirre
 Elder Morgan & Elder Evans (APs)
 Elder Layton
 Hermana Hall
 Hermanas Orchard & De Leon
 Hermanas Mendoza & Cañari
 Elder Newby & Elder Clawson
 Elder Nielson & Elder Morgan (APs)
 Elder Mera
 Hermana Kauer & Elder Kauer, secretary & financial secretary
 Elder Quiroga
 Elder Saenz & Elder Shumway
 Elders Sperry, Newby, Hancock, Gonzalez
Elder Torgeson

Elder Paulson & Elder Heyman

Elder Scholes & Hermana Scholes enjoying some ice cream in Cauquenes.

 Elder Ullibari
Hermanas Woodbury & Phelps 

 Elder Ramirez, Elder Jensen, Elder Catrón, Elder Rhoades
 Elder Klepinger, Elder Nielson, Elder Heyman, Elder Paulson, Elder Herrera
Elder Cook as in grandson of Elder Gene R. Cook 
Elders Gillispie & Herrera 
President and Sister Arrington
President & Hermana Humphrey 
Elder Catrón and Elder Judd

 Elders Ellsworth & Garbett

Elders Falcon & Hernandez 
Elders Paz & Holt 
Elders Henson & Lopez 
Elders Carter & Hernandez. Ariel Valenzuela (next to Elder Carter) just received his call to serve a mission in Uruguay
Hermana Pulsipher, the greatest missionary, the best companion, loved by all the missionaries, with her homemade bread and rolls.