Tuesday, July 9, 2013

President & Sister Arrington Meet the Missionaries

 President & Sister Arrington Meet the Missionaries
This is how Sally described the meeting:

At the Zone Conference in Chillán, the missionaries lined the walls of the cultural center in a huge circle.  They stood and waited for the Arringtons to arrive to greet and meet them.  It took about an hour and a half for the Arringtons to make it around the circle.  They paused at each missionary to learn something about each one.  We all went into the chapel to hear a message from both of them.  Sister Arrington had a translator and gave a brief but powerful message.  President Arrington set a nice tone and I know he will be a great president.  His Spanish sounds really good to me.  He has used it in his job and has served in a Spanish Ward for the last 18 months.  He doesn't sound very "gringo".   He has a calm and spiritual nature.

Sister Arrington has a wonderful spirit about her.  She readily admits that she misses her grandchildren terribly.  The Arrington's are humble ordinary people who have been called to this extra-ordinary work of bringing souls to Christ. 

To the parents of our missionaries:  Your children are in good hands.  Fear not.  The Lord has sent His best to care for and watch over your stalwart sons and daughters.  This is His work and His kingdom that we are building.  His hand is apparent all the time.  Your children are watched over and cared for.  And they are the best!  What a royal generation!

Here are some more thoughts from Sally:
Poor Sister Arrington has frozen at every meeting.  At the council meeting we got our portable heater out of our trunk to warm up her feet.  She said the heaters have not worked wherever she has gone.  On Sunday they came with us to a Branch Conference.  I thought, for sure, that they would turn on the heater for that.  Nope!  It was 12 degrees, centigrade, about 54 F, in the chapel.  I should have worn my boots! They tried to get the heater working, but it just blew out cold air. The Arringtons came to dinner after the conference and the assistants invited themselves too.  They had a meeting in our apartment while Sister Arrington and I got to know each other, more.  Doug was called back into the mission presidency by President Arrington.

Sally's reputation as a fantastic cook has spread throughout the mission.  The assistants drove from Concepción to Chillán for dinner and a meeting after the Parral Branch Conference.  Her potato soup, homemade rolls, and lemon pie will never be forgotten!

Here is more of her note to our family:
"Our "project" keeps getting better and better.  We continue to have "promptings" on what to do and how to involve the members.  I wish you all could have seen Dad on Sunday, as he gave the, "third hour", presentation.  It was the 20th time, and he had totally changed it up to align with the missionary meeting, two weeks ago.  He was so enthusiastic and you could see his love for the gospel and the importance of finding the lost sheep, emanating from his being!  It is such a blessing for me to watch him as he is an instrument in the Lord's hand.  I am just having fun, understand more Spanish and don't feel quite so dumb.  I emptied a bag of candy into my pocket, and gave some to every cute kid at church.  All Chilean children are darling.  I kiss and greet everyone as usual and feel totally comfortable.  A lady sitting behind me started talking to me in English.  I always ask them how they learned English and she told me that she taught it in school, but now she is retired and has no one to practice with.  Then she said, "I love this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints!" She said it with such appreciation that she is a member!  It was so good to hear and see her love for the gospel.  The lady sitting by her was commenting how cold it was, so I went and sat by her and shared my blanket.  A mission helps us to drop all of our 'walls'."

Today, Tuesday, we start training the missionaries in the 2 new zones we picked up from the Concepción South Mission, Talcahuano Norte and Talcahuano Sur on our project of finding the lost members. We have their online documents done.  We just need the research of each member's database results completed.  It takes time.  The missionaries need to know how to do it so they can teach the members. 

Friday we have another meeting in Santiago with the membership and statistics department and we are taking Ben Ingram with us.  We will pick him up in Curicó on our way.  We hope we can get all the data from them instead of having to go to individual stakes and districts.  We are also meeting with Bishop Tom Woodworth from Temuco (a couple of hours south of Chillán) who will be at the temple on a ward temple excursion.  He called me out of the blue about 2 weeks ago.  He had seen our blog and wanted to help with our project.  He is a website creator.  Just exactly what we have been praying for!  We want to move our project to a website instead of using google docs.  Ben knows how to do it but just hasn't had the 80 to 100 hours needed to create the website that will do everything we need it to do with the database and membership data.  We are looking forward to moving this project along.


  1. Am excited that you get to come to Santiago again with your project. I wish we could hook you with our ward HP group who are power computer guys. This ward has more than 1110 members and sister missionaries tell they don't know where many of them are. Give us a call if you have time. We are out of the temple at 3PM Friday

  2. Hi, My son heads to your mission in August by way of the Mexico City MTC. I would love to make him some traditional food to try before he leaves. By chance do you have a recipe for Chilean Rice and Beans that you could post? I know rice and beans are pretty common. Thanks.

    1. Surprisingly beans are not used as much here in Chile. They do eat a lot of rice, lots of chicken, and the fresh fruit and vegetables are fantastic. The staple of their diet is bread, and a lot of it. They make their bread with lard and it is heavy and dense. It comes in all sizes but the most popular is about the size of a hockey puck and that is what we call it. It is quite tasty when it is warm but loaded with calories. Many missionaries put on weight and it is a good thing that they walk so much or it would be a bigger problem. Overall their cuisine is somewhat bland. There are some traditional foods such as empanadas and pastel de choclo that are good and recipes can be found online. Your son will love his mission and especially the Chilean people. He is very fortunate to come to such a beautiful part of Chile.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Amy Peterson, and I am Hermana Hannah Peterson's mom. I just found your blog and recognized your name from one of her recent letters. She is in Talcahuano with you as I type! Thanks for taking good care of her. I am enjoying reading your blog! Here is our missionary blog (there is even a picture of you on there!) Http://thehermanaandtheelder.blogspot.com
    Please give her our love! Thanks for your service!