Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Prayers Have Been Answered

This may be the most important post on our blog.  It will be short and not have any pictures.  You don't ask to take pictures with a general authority.  Yesterday we met with Elder Jorge Zeballos of the First Quorum of the Seventy and a counselor in the South America South Area Presidency.  He is a warm and friendly Chilean.  We met in a beautiful meeting room in the former offices of the Chile Area Presidency located in the Church Office Building in Santiago, immediately adjacent to the temple.  Accompanied by Ben Ingram, the creator of the database, we gave our presentation.  It was well received.  Elder Zeballos was enthusiastic.  He asked me to send him the presentation so he could share it with the Area Presidency.  I emailed it to him and he received it right there at the conclusion of the 1 hour meeting.

The project will go forward.  More than a quarter of a million Chilean Latter-day Saints will be found and invited to come unto Christ again.  Thousands of new converts will be found among the family members and friends of those less-active Saints.  Member missionary work will be strengthened.  The membership records will be updated.  Just a couple of weeks ago at the new mission president's seminar, Elder David F.Evans, Executive Director of the Missionary Department said, "In addition to the finding, teaching and baptizing you remember from you mission, the missionaries of today will also become rescuers of many members who are lost and will find and teach many family members, friends and associates of those who have been rescued."  This will happen in Chile.

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  1. I found this blog because my son just received his call to Chile Santiago South. I found the blog entry where you described how that mission was created a few months ago - which is probably why I can't find much information about the mission.

    But then I read on about the program Brother Ingram crafted to find the less-active and felt how wonderful it was. My guess was that it was a program that would go forward and this post confirms my promptings. How wonderful!