Friday, August 2, 2013

The Countryside of Chile

Saturday is P-day for mission presidents when they can get one. President and Sister Arrington took advantage of the opportunity and we went on a nice long 6 mile hike to a reservoir outside the little pueblo of Coihueco which is east of Chillán. The countryside was beautiful.

The snow capped Andes Mountain Range is in the far background.

There were plenty of evidences of self-sufficiency along the way as we went through a tiny pueblo called Los Olivos - I doubt it has a population of more that 50 people.  A lot more animals that people.

We even found a Pentecostal Church in this little pueblo. It feels like we are in a time machine going back 150 years or more in some places here in Chile. It is quite a unique experience. It is hard to imagine things looking too much different 150 years ago.

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