Friday, September 21, 2012

It Is All About Families

Back row:  Justin, Nolan, Mark, Xan, Brie, Doug, Sally, Johnny, Paul, Lindsey, Rachel, Dave, Ashley
Front Row:  Rosemary, Brent, Allison, Brandon, London, Ayden, Nathan, Owen, John, Alex, Jessica, Jocelyn, Emma, Jonah, Adam, Patty, Ryan, Miles, Ammon -  (Pulsipher Family Reunion, September 2012).

Rosemary & Brent Osborn - Nolan, Justin, Allison, Brandon
Adam & Patty Pulsipher - Jocelyn, Ammon, Emma, Ryan, Jonah
Lindsey & Paul Ellis - Rachel, Johnny (twins)
Mark & Xan Pulsipher - Ayden, London, Brie
John & Jessica Pulsipher - Nathan, Alex, Owen
Ashley & Dave Lawson - Miles
Back Row:  Ayden, Justin, Brandon, Owen, Nolan, Brie, Grandpa Doug, Johnny, Grandma Sally, Miles, London
Front Row:  Nathan, Alex, Allison, Rachel, Jocelyn, Emma, Jonah, Ryan, Ammon 
On June 2, 1972, we never imagined we would be so blessed with such wonderful children and grandchildren.  We hope we can help Chilean families become "families forever." (Los Angeles Temple grounds).

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