Thursday, September 20, 2012

MTC to LAX to Lancaster (ordain Adam a High Priest) to LAX to Santiago to Concepcion and finally to Talca where we will live.

LAX, December 1968 (blurry).  Doug Pulsipher, Elder Howard W. Hunter (Apostle), Lee Pulsipher.
This Sunday, September 23 we leave for the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.  A week later we will fly to LAX and drive to Lancaster so I can ordain Adam a High Priest.  We will spend Sunday night near LAX and then on Monday join up with the other 7 young missionaries (including 2 cadets on a 2 year leave from the Naval Academy) going to the Chile Concepcion Mission.  On my way to Chile 44 years ago I ran into Elder Howard W. Hunter at LAX.  He became President of the Church in 1994 until his death in 1995. He was my stake president when I was a young boy and was our family's bishop before I was born.  My oldest brother Lee (+20 years) was at the airport in 1968 to see me on my way to Chile.

Our mission president, President Neall Humphrey, has rented an apartment for us in Talca on the second floor of this building.  Things have really changed in 44 years.  Below is the first house I lived in as a young missionary.
Villa Alemana, Chile 1968.  We rented a room from the family that owned this house (very nice for that time).  My companion, Elder Terry Zierenberg, carrying his guitar.


  1. Not sure if you are getting to chile on Monday or Tuesday but bienvenidos a chile lindo. I hope at some point you get to come to the temple while you are here. The temple will be closed next March for 2 weeks. I hope maybe we can come visit you for a day or 2 to check in on you!!

  2. It appears to be quite nice looking building from the outside... I assume the inside looks as nice. Will you be doing your banking at Banco Santander (just wondering cause I oown some stock in that Bank--symbol of san... pays a nice dividend... bought it at just under $6 and have got a sell order in at $8.20... hoping this next week it sells...The headquarters for the Bank are in Spain... they have affiliate banks that they own throughout the world, Chile, Mexico, USA, Germany, etc.).