Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chile Lindo!

"S'wonderful, Marvelous", this place has beauty at every turn.  The weather is warm and it is only the start of Spring!  Here are some of the lovely scenes we've enjoyed over the last week.

This is the trail for the hike we take almost every morning.  It has great blossoms and smells.  We have found this to be a popular workout place.  We only see people on the weekend or holidays.

This statue of Mary is visible from the city.  We're zoomed in here.
We were on a drive and had to turn around to get a picture of this beautiful place.

Our drive took us to Constitucion.  Doug served here in 1969.  This city was hit by a tidal wave after the earthquake, 2 years ago.  The city looks like it is still trying to recover.  The beach and rock formations are gorgeous.
The tide was coming in and it was really windy between these rocks.  I would have loved to play here awhile but it was cold.

These yellow flowers are called "Scotch Broom".  
On Sunday we visited this little Branch in Retiro.  There is a missionary couple assigned to Shepherd this branch.  They are from Southern Chile and are doing a great job.  The Elder is the Branch President and Hermana Mora cooks for all the activities.  They are so nice and had us to dinner with the Elders that work in the Pueblecito.  This building was converted from a house.  It is very nice and has the same carpet as in all the U.S. buildings!
This is the Mora's house.  We have 2 cordon bleu patties, an empanada, huge pile of rice and 3 yummy salads.  It was delicioso!
Grated carrots, lettuce with Palta chunks, (avocado), creamed corn and tomatoes with onions and cilantro.
After Almuerzo (big meal from 2-4 p.m. every day), Elder Mora took us to his first counselor's house on the edge of this tree farm.  He works for a company that grows orchards of poplar trees that are used for making matches and Popsicle sticks.  There were also fields of blueberries, and barley and peach trees.

The owner of the company has a beautiful hacienda here to wine and dine visitors.  I think this is the horse corral.
I thought this was a really cool method of irrigation!

There are gorgeous roses everywhere.  Even the tiniest yards have rose bushes in full bloom.
You might want to come and visit to see for yourself how beautiful Chile is!

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  1. What an amazing mission experience you're having!
    Driving through beautiful countryside, meeting with the saints in a tiny meetinghouse, eating with the Elders food that someone else cooked--a perfect day!