Friday, October 19, 2012

Springtime in Talca

Flipping seasons is a little disorienting.  The old bridge was damaged beyond repair in the 8.8 earthquake in February 2010.
Right now it is beautiful and green.

Spring is coming on.  Unfortunately graffiti is very prominent

We'll see if these flower pots on light posts can compete with Coeur d' Alene.
The black cars are colectivos - each one runs a certain route like a bus.  Flag them down and hop in.  Most of them have 5 people in them who are usually strangers to each other.  Many cities use colectivos instead of buses.
On the other hand .....  There are about 10 cranes in Talca working on construction projects for tall buildings
Whatever gets you from here to there
A country of contrasts
Someone actually collects a fee from parents who want to give their kids a chance to ride and play with these unique bikes.

Pretty clever way to make a little money
The trikes and bikes are left unlocked.
Our favorite hike is to the top of this hill in the distance.  It is over a 5 mile hike from our apartment.  Destruction of old buildings from the earthquake.
On the way to the hill.
Our apartment building is about 11:30 in this photo (using a clock for orientation).
Place for prayer - silence and respect
Just like the rest of Latin America, Chile is 90% Catholic.
How's that for a few telephone/electrical lines?
There is actually a McDonalds here in Talca.  The burger and fries were good.  We never go to McDonalds at home.


  1. You guys look so glow-y! My favorite pictures were the ones with your faces. Ones. That's for you, mom. Love you guys!

  2. Great pictures! Still, I'm confused about the 11:30 clock location. Is it 11 or 30? I can't understand your espanol! Explaino, multumesc!

  3. Looks lovely. Even McDonalds can taste good at times! :)