Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shared email to family

Our experiences are just getting better and better.  Most of the day at Constitución is in the last blog but I just wanted to share one extra experience with you all.
We went with the Hermanas to visit a less-active woman.  She was not there but her non-member daughter who is 18 answered the door looking tired and holding a broom.  The Hermanas talked with her for awhile and she didn't want to let us in.  After a few more minutes of being cute and sweet Hermanas, she let us in.  She asked us to sit down but she would not sit herself.  Again, after a few minutes of kindly talking to her she sat down.  The Hermanas asked her questions to find out more about her.  They found out she had faith in God and was troubled about the earthquake and all the devastation it caused.  (Constitución was even hit with a Tsunami tidal wave that killed many people including little children).  After some more talk they looked at Dad, giving him the cue that it is now your turn to say something.  He started talking about the Book of Mormon.  The Hermanas quickly opened their back pack and gave the girl a Book of Mormon.  They read some of the Introduction and told her briefly what was in the book.  The girls countenance was changing before my eyes!  She kept flipping through the book and looked so interested.  She said she would start reading and set up another time for the Hermanas to visit!!  It was an amazing visit.  Dad said that he wasn't even thinking about saying anything about the Book of Mormon, it just came out of his mouth!  
I know the Lord is preparing people to hear the gospel all over the world and the missionaries and members are the means to bring it to pass.  What a responsibility we all have.

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