Monday, December 31, 2012


The "Meter Man".
Today I was all alone for most of my P-Day.  Doug took the 4 zone leaders to Chillán, which is about 2 hours south.
They have a monthly mission council meeting where all the zone leaders are taught the theme for the month and they go back and teach the other missionaries.  It is about a five hour meeting.  Hermana Humphrey wasn't going to be there so I didn't have to be the "hair in the biscuit" and go either.   This is my first day alone in 3 months!

We pay to use the laundry facilities in our building  and each load takes two coins, 500 pesos each.  We always run out and today was no different.  I only had 6 and needed 12.  Being brave, eloquent, and confident in Spanish, I ventured out to the street to ask this "meter man" if he had change and I only wanted quinientos.  I made the transaction perfectly, at least I got what I asked for and went back to do laundry.  I was so proud of myself that I got my camera, went back on the street and asked if we could get a picture together!  I won't quote myself for your amusement.  I love the way he took off his hat.  One of his bags is full of coins and the other keeps track of how long people are parked.  When you leave they wave you out and then you tip them.  They all wear the red shirt, blue pants, and funny blue hat.  
My day has been a success!  I don't ask for much!

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  1. Nice! Must be weird to be alone after all that time together... :)