Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rap to Baptism - Our Missionaries Do It All

Rap to Baptism from Douglas W Pulsipher on Vimeo.

Elder Carvajal (Antofagasta, Chile) and Elder Bracken (Utah) are companions and zone leaders in Chillán Ñuble - about 1.5 Horus south of Talca.  About 8 pm one night recently there was a group of kids rapping on the street.  The elders decided to try to connect with the kids.  They both had rapped before their missions so they showed their talents to the kids.  It drew quite a crowd. 
The next day they were out working and heard some rap music and decided to check it out.  When they got to the house the young man there (Martín) enthusiastically invited them in.  They were quite surprised until he told the that he was the young man rapping on the street the night before.  When they talked with him they found out he was going down the wrong path.  They explained to him that they could help him change his life.  As they worked with him, his parents, who had rejected the missionaries in the past, were so impressed with the elders helping their son that they decided to listen to their message.  Three weeks later the whole family was baptized.  Now that's a rap!

Gallegos Family.  Martín has the red sweatshirt on.

Gallegos Family on their day of baptism.  Elder Bracken and Elder Carvajal.

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