Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Very Busy Springtime in Chile

Springtime has been especially busy. A little more than 4 weeks ago an incident occurred that required these 4 hermanas (sister missionaries) to live with us for a week. Fortunately no one was hurt but the hermanas were transferred out of the area into different parts of the mission. The Lord's protection was evident. President and Sister Arrington were in Bariloche, Argentina for a mission president's seminar at the time. We are glad that we were here to provide a safe refuge. While they lived with us they enjoyed Sally's great meals like this one - Swedish pancakes with fresh strawberries.

Everything is blooming!

Pucón was especially beautiful as we went there again. This time with the other senior missionaries from the Concepción and Concepción South Missions.
This is the volcano Villarrica.

Lake Villarrica in the background

Siete Tazas (Seven Cups) is a beautiful natural rock formation in another part of Chile. The rock formations form seven cups and the water cascades from one cup to the next. The source of the water is the Andes Mountains and this becomes the Rio Claro (Clear River).

A little further downstream the river becomes "Velo de la Novia" or Bridal Veil.

The water is crystal clear.

We have been extremely busy training local leaders, members, and missionaries in finding the lost sheep. This picture of the chapel in Talcahuano was taken in 1970. We were invited to give a training session in this same building several weeks ago.

This is the same building in Talcahuano in October 2013.

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