Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Home Teaching - What Chile Needs

The greatest need for the Church in Chile is Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching. The following story of my parents is a great example of what can and did happen because of Home Teaching.

Charles Clyde Pulsipher is the grandson of David Pulsipher (b. 1828 - member of the Mormon Batallion). His great-great grandfather, David Pulsipher (b. 1776) and his brother Zera Pulsipher both joined the Church in 1832.

Melba Eilleen Ottley is the granddaughter of William Charles Mellor (b. 1851) who was a 5 year old member of the Martin Handcart Company. William Charles Mellor's mother, Mary Ann Mellor (b. 1817) was portrayed in the movie "17 Miracles" as the woman who refused to continue the trek until her daughter miraculously found a pie on the trail. William Charles Mellor later server a mission to New Zealand
William Charles Mellor

Clyde Pulsipher and Melba Ottley both migrated from Utah to Los Angeles in the 1920's. Notwithstanding their pioneer heritage they were both inactive young adults living in Los Angeles. While Clyde was working as a conductor on the "street cars" they met and were married in 1929. By 1934 they had 4 children including twins. In his own words Clyde describes what happened in 1934.

“While we lived on North Avenue 67 we received our first real contact from the Church since our marriage [five years previous]. The two Robinson brothers visited us each month inviting us to attend Church. One evening Brother Hill, Ward Clerk of Garvanza Ward, visited us and asked me how I would like to be a ward teacher. I hesitated for a moment and asked when he wanted me to go– and he said “tonight”. This was quite a shock. But before we had time to think about it, Brother Hill said we should have prayer and he was down on his knees by the couch. This was the beginning of our activity in the Church.”

They had been "rescued" by Ward (Home) Teaching. What would have happened if the Robinson brothers and Brother Hill had not put forth the effort to help bring them back?  What would have been the fate of their posterity? 

They were sealed together as a family with the 4 young children in the Salt Lake Temple in 1935. They had 6 more children including triplets. They remained faithful to their covenants for the rest of their lives. Clyde & Melba were always faithful in the payment of their tithes and offerings. Clyde's wages were meager. He never made $10,000 a year working as a delivery man of dairy products for Knudsen Creamery for 37 years. He was making less than $4 per hour when he retired in 1969. They raised 10 children on those wages. After receiving his paycheck Clyde would first pay their tithing and Melba would have to "make do" with what was left. She was a master at making things stretch. 

What has happened to Clyde and Melba's posterity nearly 80 years after being "rescued" by Home Teaching?

Total Descendants - 349
Active in the Church - 325  93%

We believe their posterity has been blessed because of their faithfulness and especially because of their faithful payment of tithes and offerings.

There are many Clyde and Melba Pulsiphers here in Chile and everywhere in the world, just waiting for someone to care enough to make those visits. Someone who will get down on his knees and say, "tonight."


  1. Love this story, and the picture of Grandpa and Grandma Pulsipher is adorable! Thanks for the push to go do something good! I might have to use this story in one of my upcoming YW lessons on "standing as a witness."

  2. Nice job Doug. Great memory jogger.

  3. beautiful! love this story of my great grandparents