Monday, May 6, 2013

A Day of Rest? and Bread Making in Quirihue

Sunday, 5 May 2013
Up at 5:30 am and the usual morning activities. No we don't have to get up that early, in fact Sally doesn't.. She doesn't suffer from the same early morning rising syndrome that I have and she never falls asleep in the middle of singing a hymn either. We were out of the house by 9:15 am leaving Chillán (point H) and heading to Coelemu (Point C). It was a 2:15 beautiful drive. After church we had a nice picnic lunch in front of the church.  That was followed by a training session using the clerks office (see the photo below) and then it was off to Quirihue (point D). We received an assignment to evaluate the strength of the Church there. There was an organized branch there as late as 2008 and the church even owned property which it has since sold.  There are 223 members of record (probably 180 after we clean up the records) and about 14 come to Coelemu which is 45 Km away.  We've made some recommendations to President Humphrey so we'll see what happens.  We left Quirihue at 7 pm for some interviews in the Linares District at 9 pm (Via point E, F & G).  We finally made it back to Chillán by 11:30 pm.  What a day of rest!

Scenes in route to Coelemu
In front of the Coelemu Branch building  - Elders Duran (Santiago, Chile) and Elder Dumm (Sacramento, California)

Multi-use building

Branch Building

Great group of youth in the Coelemu Branch
How is this for a Clerk's Office?
Quirihue is a sleepy little village where the elderly sit on the plaza benches and watch the world go by.
And then we had a special treat at one member's home. Chilean bread making. Spanish speakers can have fun trying to understand the Chileans!

Bread Making 1 from PulsiphersinChile on Vimeo.

Bread Making 2 from PulsiphersinChile on Vimeo.

Bread Making 3 from PulsiphersinChile on Vimeo.

Bread Making 4 from PulsiphersinChile on Vimeo.

Bread Making 5 from Douglas W Pulsipher on Vimeo.

And then it is left to rise for a little while and put in this oven that was made by the family's non-member father/husband.

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