Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trip to the Border - Still in our Zone!

Right foot in Chile, left foot in Argentina.  Our zone extends all the way to the Argentina. This is called Paso Pehuenche.  It is only 175 kilometers from Talca.  
This is literally the continental divide in South America.  This stream breaks to the right and goes into Argentina and eventually the Atlantic Ocean.  A little further up it branches off to the left and flows into Chile, the Rio Maule, and then the Pacific Ocean.  It is the natural border between the two countries.

The elevation is 8375 feet (2553) meters.  That is not very high since many peaks in the Andes are over 20,000 feet.
The road is 98% paved from Talca to the Argentine border.  Unfortunately some of the guard rails have failed.
The road is only open in the summer.  On Christmas day (the equivalent of June 25) they had a meter of snow - over 3 feet.
Laguna del Maule is just a few miles from the border.  The Maule River comes from this and goes all the way to Constitución on the coast.  I baptized several people in that river 43 years ago while serving in Constitución.
Horses grazing by Laguna del Maule.
The drive up to the pass was spectacular.  The Maule River is below.

This may be used to get things down the hill to the homes below.

Ruta 115 (route 115) follows the Maule River.
Here are a couple of video clips that show the Laguna del Maule and the Maule River.

Argentina Trip Laguna del Maule 1 from Douglas W Pulsipher on Vimeo.

Argentina Trip Rio Maule from Douglas W Pulsipher on Vimeo.

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  1. Who knew! Chile has spectacular beauty. Your "Life Is Good" t-shirts were a nice touch.